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How to Function Above Entry Level

So how bad do you want it?

Whether it’s a healthier life style or to fit in to that killer dress for your class reunion, it seems we’re always chasing ways to make ourselves faster, smarter, quicker (and of course!) more successful than last year.

Sometimes we stay focused and accomplish the goal, but other times, our commitment wanes and we find ourselves once again on the “I Wish” track:  “I wish x wouldn’t have happened at work and then I wouldn’t have broken my diet.”  Or “I wish my boss would leave so that I could have her job.”

While “wishes” are great for birthday cakes…they are horrible for career success!  Instead, I’m challenging you to stop wishing and take ownership in your future.

Opportunities to stretch your mind, improve your career and truly move out of entry level normally require attending exciting networking events (just scratch my eyes out now!) or parking 2 miles away from a campus classroom and trudging in after a long day of work.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard.  I was recently asked to review a mini-series for Concordia University called “Functioning Above Entry Level” and I was really impressed with what I saw.

I think it will make an impact for you too and the best news is its absolutely FREE, done from the safety of your own home and offers a short enough time commitment window that I promise you can still accomplish all the other pressing details in your life!  Sold already?  If so, check it out here. But if you’re more protective with your time, I understand.  Give me another 30 seconds to share some more details with you.

This course helps move you from the dreaded “entry level” classification to management and beyond by helping you understand your personal strengths and gain the confidence you need to advance at work.

The program is so quick and easy there’s simply no reason not to invest the time in your career and your future!  Not to mention, it offers the anonymity we all crave!  No one calls or pesters you.  Instead the course is delivered to your inbox in 5 short simple emails and consists of essays, videos, interactive polls, and download journals (I promise you’ll stay awake!) and you can complete the whole thing in 3-4 hours!

Level 1 of this course includes lots of great nuggets but the one I chose to sneak peek for you involves constructive self-talk.  I don’t know about you but I’m an expert at portraying extreme confidence on the outside.  Yet sometimes, those conversations in my head don’t quite match. This course focuses on the importance of making our inside talk match what everyone else sees.  I can assure you; this 8 minute video provided me with more than one aha moment!

In Level 2, Dr. Kenneth Harris, Program Director for Concordia University shares all sorts of tidbits to help propel you to that corner office.  But my absolute favorite was the concept that by “controlling your emotions, you control your life.”  Wow, for a Type A control freak, who knew it all started with me?!?  I also found it intriguing that Social Intelligence was absolutely critical to my success.  Not sure what Social Intelligence is all about?  Well it’s not about having more LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends than all your girlfriends!  Use this link to learn what it really is!

And in the third and final course, Dr. Harris serves up a home run (you know it’s baseball season right?!?) when he shares 10 key attributes of your personal style that directly affect your desire to leave “entry level” behind in your quest for middle-management or even the coveted CEO position.

Still feeling skeptical?  I get it.  I’m normally a big proponent of the concept that nothing in life is free too.  But I’ve previewed the coursework personally and assure you it’s worth your time.  The content is taken directly from Concordia University Wisconsin’s 100% online one year Masters in Organizational Leadership and Administration program.  Besides, if you start the courses, and don’t see value, it’s simple.  Just close the course, delete the email and go on with your life.

Again, I ask…how bad do you want it?  Whether you’re chasing that promotion, pay increase or corner office, this course is a solid step in your career path.   I can assure you that if you truly want more from your life and career, there’s no simpler, safer or cheaper step to take toward your goals than this!

Besides, you do so much for everyone else in your life.  Click here to do something for yourself!


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Kathi Miller-Miller is a sought after career specialist and author of “Your Journey from Fired to Hired.” Kathi draws on her 25+ years of success (and failures!) to offer her readers advice on topics ranging from dealing with a boss that drives you crazy to managing millennials...all in a light-hearted and easy to read style.

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