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Between careers and family life, many of us already feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day.  And while it’s true that we are a constant “on the go” society, some of the busiest and most successful people I know still find time to volunteer.  Why?  Because they have found that they “get” more than they “give.”  Take a look at some of the reasons below and ponder if volunteering could provide something you are currently missing in your life as your run from one thing to the next:

  1. Volunteering is a fun and easy way to network.  You gain the “feel good” of helping others while you are simultaneously adding folks to your circle of influence.  And in today’s tough business environment, you never know when you may need those contacts.
  2. Volunteering develops your social and relationship skills as it challenges you to interact with people outside of your normal group of friends and acquaintances
  3. Volunteering is a wonderful family experience.  Not only are the normal distractions of texting, video games and email interruptions removed, but together you can experience the joy of helping those who are less fortunate.  And as a parent, teaching your children to “give back” may be one of the most important like skills you share.
  4. Volunteering keeps your mind and body young.  Often volunteering will require you to learn a new skill and take you out of your normal comfort zone.  Consequently, it can help increase your overall health, self-confidence and satisfaction with life.
  5. Volunteering is a great way to give a new career a trial run before taking the plunge.  Not only does it allow you to gain some practical experience, it also affords you the opportunity to try your hand at something before investing your time and resources to land a job.  Who knows, you may not even like what you thought you wanted.

If you are interested in beginning to volunteer, there are tons of opportunities and it’s easy to get started.  Check out some of the links below to help find a volunteer opportunity that matches your goals, interests and passions and you too may find that you “get” more than you “give.”


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