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No doubt-A strong resume is a critical component of your job search efforts.  So important is this one element that many job-seekers opt to employ a specialist to create it for them.  Charges for these types of service vary greatly as do the components that may be included in the package.  While there are some fantastic professional resume writing services available, if you decide to “go it alone” to either save money or express your personal style you may find value in the tips below:

  1. Talk the talk.  Remember the goal of a resume is to convince the reader that you are a good match for their needs and you are worth their time to interview.  Consequently, as you create your resume, work to speak in their language by inserting relevant key words to both the specific opportunity and industry.
  2. Check it twice.  Never, ever proof your resume on your computer! Print it and read it. Read it backwards, forwards, and left to right looking for typos, formatting issues, and overall appeal.
  3. Skip the objective.  While once considered standard formatting, the current trend is that an objective statement is no longer required or encouraged.
  4. Highlight key skills.  When completing your resume, be sure to highlight specific examples of your ability to provide value and include prevalent key words for the type of position that you are seeking.
  5. Get a new email.  Create an email with a professional address that is easy for hiring managers to recognize.  This may be a combination of your first and last name.
  6. Skip the little guys.  Avoid articles, such as “the,” “a,” and “an.” They provide no real value to your resume and consume unnecessary space.
  7. Pass on the date.  If you graduated college more than 15 years ago, it is not recommended to include your graduation date.
  8. Ask for help.  There are many free resume review services online. Simply search “Free Resume Review” to find companies that are currently offering this service.



“Your Journey from Fired to Hired”  Pages 24; 44 and 47-50

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