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Did you know that according to the US Department of Labor, 70% of successful applicants report finding their job through networking? Networking can literally take your application from one in the pile of hundreds into the hands of employers before they even post available jobs.  Check out some of the tips below to increase your chances for success:

  1. LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a free professional social networking site that was founded in 2002 and can be an incredibly valuable tool in your career search. Many recruiters and organizations now use the site to search for candidates and post available positions.
  2. Talk it up.  Chances are good that you will find the most success in your job search by simply talking to those in your circle of influence. Get your resume in the hands of everyone you know.
  3. No assumptions.  Networking tip 101—Don’t discount anyone because of a perception on your part that they can’t help or don’t know anyone in the particular field that you are pursuing. Remember that you only know about your relationship with them.  Undoubtedly, you don’t know about every social or professional connection they have.
  4. Live Recruiters.  Depending on your location, you may have access to a group of professional recruiters. These folks can be a great source of information and consequently a great networking opportunity.  They have their finger on the pulse of your local market and can usually tell you who is hiring, who is laying off and what the local job market looks like for the next 6-12 months.

Making connections and successfully leveraging those connections will likely make the difference in the success you experience in your search for your next big opportunity!



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Recruiters and your job search:

“Your Journey from Fired to Hired” - Page 60

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