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Not to be overly proud of ourselves or anything we are a special find in the land of career advice!  Why?  Because literally everything you will find on this site is FREE!!  (Well except the book of course.)  Sometimes we share stuff we did right in our own careers, but our failures are often better teachers than success.  So we share a bit of that too to help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made.  All we ask in return is a little love from you.  Please leave us a comment and/or share our site with others.  That’s it…the only bill you’ll ever get from us!

Meet the Team:

Author Pic-CBKathi:  President; Content Creation

Favorite Quote:  “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.”

Favorite Beverage:  Red Wine 😉

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Italy

Favorite Food:  Chocolate (it goes well with the wine!)

Favorite Sport:  Golf

After 25 years of employee recruitment, selection and management, in 2013 I took the leap to helping folks navigate the employment process digitally. I absolutely love that I’m no longer limited to helping just the 30-40 folks on my team in the traditional office environment and now find myself in coaching conversations around the world. All because I heard the dreaded words, “You’re Fired.”  Always remember that no one controls your destiny but you!!! 


63747_10203241128011046_6918085777339144181_nCarla:   Graphic God; Website Diva…Creative Director and Multi-Media Specialist 😉

Favorite Quote:  In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.- Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Beverage: You Can Never Have Enough Coffee!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Fiji is my favorite spot in the whole world.

Favorite Food: Taco Tuesday Junkie

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Carla Brooks brings over a decade of experience to the photography, website creation and graphic design fields.

Carla’s natural artistic ability and keen business sense have enabled her to achieve success unparalleled for many in the industry.  Her impressive resume includes publication of her work in national and international markets.  And never one to be limited, she demonstrates strengths in both print and digital formats. In addition to her success in mainstream media, she has also been featured in several galleries and was recently commissioned to film a documentary in Fiji with a 2016 release date. Carla’s extensive photography experience and artistic eye enable her to demonstrate creativity in both controlled studio environments and live on-location shoots. Ms. Brooks currently lives in Maricopa, Arizona.  When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her enjoying time with a good book; a strong cup of coffee; engaged in a thought provoking conversation or relaxing with her family and two dogs.


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Kathi Miller-Miller

Kathi Miller-Miller is a sought after career specialist and author of “Your Journey from Fired to Hired.” Kathi draws on her 25+ years of success (and failures!) to offer her readers advice on topics ranging from dealing with a boss that drives you crazy to managing millennials...all in a light-hearted and easy to read style.

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