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5 Reasons to Invest in Yourself with a Career Coach

Is career coaching the new fad? Not really. It actually started in 1992 and has been gaining in popularity and availability since then. And it's no wonder. A good coach can help you with everything from improving your performance in your present job, to finding a job and even planning out your career path. Read on to see if the time is right for you to invest some time and money with a Career Coach.

1. Struggling with your current performance. Not feeling like a superstar lately at work? As they say a good offense is better than the best defense. Much like a professional golfer works with a swing coach to improve their game, a career coach can help you be more successful in your current job. So whether you are struggling with the quality of your work or even engagement, a career coach may be a good move. With that said, if you decide to work with a coach, be ready to be honest about your difficulties and be open and receptive to coaching. Without these two elements, you are wasting both your time and that of your coach.

2. Changing career path. If you are currently considering making a major change to the direction of your career, you may find value in working with a coach. For starters, they specialize in identifying strengths and weaknesses. It’s likely that a good coach can help gauge your potential success and personal satisfaction in your new venture. Also, chances are good that you have little, if any, experience in the new field. A good coach can help find transferrable skills and showcase them from your previous experiences. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, if you select a coach that specializes in your chosen field, you may benefit from their extensive networking contacts.

3. Currently job hunting. Thanks to the present unemployment rate, many candidates are doing everything possible to gain the attention of hiring managers. If you are currently looking for a job, you may find great value in working with a coach. They can help you with everything from creating your resume to prepping for interviews and even negotiations when you finally get that job offer.

4. Re-entering the workforce. If you are looking to re-enter the workforce after a considerable time away, you may benefit from hiring a career coach. They will be able to quickly bring you up to speed on the current business environment, expectations and opportunities. And, since many candidates will likely have much more recent experiences than you, they can help move your absence of employment from a negative to a neutral or perhaps even a positive.

5. Developing long range job strategy. If you are interested in developing a long-range career plan, spending time and money with a coach could be a great investment. They can help you determine your ultimate goal and then work back from there. Keep in mind that a good career coach may recommend a series of horizontal moves to build your overall experience so that when the right promotional opportunity does present itself, you are the obvious candidate.

In summary, only you know your personal situation but with the tough business environment and current unemployment rates, finding a good career coach could be a great move for you! But remember, like any other professional your hire, you should do your research when choosing a coach. Make sure that they have a solid reputation and ask to chat with some of their current and former clients. Also, due to the often sensitive nature of your discussions, it’s critically important to make sure that you trust your coach to keep your conversations confidential.

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Have you worked with a Career Coach? If so, what was your experience?

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