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10 Signs You are About to be Fired!

Do you feel like you are about to get the fired? Well certainly the economy has forced businesses to be lean and ultra-productive, which ultimately means your job is less secure now than ever before. Take a look at the list below and decide if it’s time to find your next job while the choice is still yours to make!

1. Negative feedback. First and foremost, be incredibly wary of anything negative about your abilities that are put in writing. Be it a bad performance review or an email from your boss confirming a coaching conversation, this is a sure sign that a case against you is being built.

2. Change in supervisor behavior. If you “really” listen to what your manager is telling you, it’s likely that they will give you some indication that you have fallen from grace. For example, your boss may mention that you might be better suited to another position. A boss would never encourage a key player to leave their team.

3. New Leadership. If new senior management recently hit the scene, be on the lookout for reorganizations which may impact the safety of your job. Likely new leadership was brought in to change the company direction and it’s quite possible that your area may be one that doesn’t fit into their master plan.

4. You are suddenly left out. If you notice that you are no longer invited to key meetings and events or consulted on critical decisions, it’s probably best that you step up your networking efforts now. It’s never a good sign if you notice your boss suddenly leaving you out of the information loop while everyone else is “in the know”.

5. Don’t feel like you provide value. In this tough business environment, there’s no room for fluff. If you aren’t sure that you are providing value to the organization, then you probably aren’t and likely your boss is aware. This is a death sentence and it’s critical that you either leave on your own or find a way that you can start providing value.

6. Made a major mistake. You know your industry and company tolerance for mistakes. But if your mistake was big and someone needs to be held accountable, be ready to get summoned to HR. If it is widely known that the error was your responsibility, you may find it helpful to proactively reach out to your supervisor and HR. In these conversations, own up to the mistake AND explain the steps you will take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

7. Change in assigned work. If you experience a sudden change in the quantity or type of work assignments you receive, prepare yourself. It’s never a good thing when you suddenly end up with fewer responsibilities. Often managers won’t want to spend time starting you on new assignments or tasks, since they know you aren’t going to be an employee for much longer.

8. Boss places unreasonable demands on you. This one in and of itself, could actually be a good thing because it could indicate that your boss has great confidence in your abilities; however, when coupled with any of the other items on this list, consider this huge red flag. If you are assigned impossible tasks with unreasonable deadlines, it could simply be that you are being set up to fail.

9. You aren’t happy. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can put on a happy face and be glad to have a job. If you hate going into work every day, it’s likely that everyone there already knows it by your attitude. In this economy, there are simply too many good people available for a manager to put up with someone who is constantly negative and sours the rest of the team.

10. Trust your gut. Never, ever underestimate your instinct. If you are worried about being fired, then chances are probably good that you are in a precarious position at best.

If you find yourself in one or more of these situations, then it may be time to wake up and start looking for your next job while you can do it on your own schedule. And if you weren’t fortunate enough to see it coming, be sure to check out my book, “Your Journey from Fired to Hired.” It’s packed full of tips and covers everything from dealing with the shock to accepting that next job.

PS-I need your help…what firing signs did I miss?

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Kathi Miller-Miller is a sought after career specialist and author of “Your Journey from Fired to Hired.” Kathi draws on her 25+ years of success (and failures!) to offer her readers advice on topics ranging from dealing with a boss that drives you crazy to managing millennials...all in a light-hearted and easy to read style.

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